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There is value in having someone at the table, who understands the problem. 



Founder & CEO

Gabriela is the Founder and CEO of MDS on Demand.  As a Registered Nurse , MDS/PPS/RAI Coordinator and Legal Nurse Consultant Specialist , she brings 17 years of knowledge and expertise in Hospital, Rehabilitative and Restorative, as well as Long Term Nursing Care.  Gabriela, along with a dedicated team of MDS 3.0 Coordinators, implement compliance of MDS 3.0/PPS/RAI governing today’s Long Term Care industry.  Our team offers a wide range of services, from short notice MDS assessment completions, to detailed patient centered care plans, to consulting on the facility’s preparation for annual state surveys and certifications that meet Federal and State guidelines. Her focus on the details, accuracy and legality of decisions, along with her insight in assessing, interpreting and responding to situations of uncertainty and complexity, offers a sound competitive advantage in today's ever changing pace that governs the Long Term Care industry.  Gabriela’s work ethic and integrity is rewarded with a continuous record of no late assessments, no AAA deficiency and zero State inspection tags/citations. 


“I understand the ongoing changing and complexities involved in running an effective, compliant and reliable long term care facility.  That is why I founded this company, to provide support to facilities and Executive Directors, when they need it most”. Gabriela completed executive education courses at University of Notre Dame, Mendoza School of Business and is certified by AANAC as a nurse executive. MDS on Demand is headquartered in West Palm Beach, FL serving health care and institutional clients all across Florida and the United States.


Chief Operating & Strategy Officer

With a leading 15 years of experience in public, private and non profit sectors, Noemi oversees the organization’s operations and strategy, on every project with changing priority levels.  She combines her strong analytic background in organizational theory, organizational behavior and economics, with a polished, refined and innovative look and feel reflective of a modern client.  Her collaborative energy was developed while managing multiple multinational luxury brands and her contribution in service to organizations she is currently involved with, from Leadership Florida Connect, Sunfest, Junior League of the Palm Beaches, Leadership Palm Beach County and Florida Atlantic University. This well rounded perspective has encouraged her to seek roles on projects that align with our brand’s personal attitude and professional values. 


“Our goal, here at MDS on Demand, is to be a positive agent on any project in development and work on the front lines. In the same time, we are extremely comfortable in making recommendations to leadership teams, driving results critical to the future success of the organization and the communities we serve”. MDS is headquartered in West Palm Beach, FL serving clients all across Florida, the United States and international relief efforts.

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