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47 % of men 65 years and older will need long-term care during their lifetimes

— National Council on Aging 

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58% of women 65 years and older will need long term care during their lifetimes

— National Council on Aging 

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What is MDS?

The Minimum Data Set (MDS) is part of a federally mandated process for clinical assessments of all residents in Medicare or Medicaid certified nursing homes.  This process entails a comprehensive, standardized assessment of each resident's functional capabilities and health needs. Similar to the hospitality industry, facilities are awarded 1 to 5 (highest possible) star range that enhances the lives of those aging with dignity.  

This is where we come in:

Patients are accepted for treatment on the reasonable expectation that a Long Term Care Facility can meet their medical, nursing, rehabilitative, and social needs.  Each patient must receive an individualized written plan of care, maintained with the utmost diligence to include revisions or additions to the plan of care in real time. 


The individualized plan of care must specify the level of care and services needed to meet the patient specific needs as identified in the comprehensive assessment, including identification of the responsible disciple(s), and the measurable outcomes that the Long Term Care facilities anticipates will occur as a result of implementing and coordinating the plan of care.  The individualized plan of care must also specify the patient and caregiver education and training.  Services must be furnished in accordance with accepted standards of practice. 


Aging with Dignity

We are proud to extend our knowledge and expertise in Long Term Care to advise families and primary care takers on resources and institutions that best meet your loved ones needs.  Whether you are in the initial research or special development phase, we are here to guide you along the way.



Gabriela  and by extension the entire MDS onDemand Team has the depth of knowledge and vast expertise to guide our facility through every aspect of our MDS 3.0 Compliance needs.  Their guidance of the state evaluation system helped elevate our facility to a new star rating and anchored new approaches into our organizational systems and functions.


Having a trusted advisor who knows the available resources  statewide, helped my family and me make the best decision possible for long term care placement of our loved ones.  They have skilled Registered Nurses  specializing in geriatric care guide us through the  complexity of the systems and processes. They were our best advocates. 


Carrying for one our community's most vulnerable population  and advocating for their dignity  and outstanding quality of care reflects MDS on Demand's  core  mission, values  and commitment

It helps to have someone who understands be part of the conversation.  

We Can Help

Our comprehensive Long Term Residential Care packages can be customized to immediate or pending facility needs.  As our name suggests, MDS on Demand is available as needed and on demand for all your organizational needs and unanticipated developments.  

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