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Customer Experience 

Effective strategic plans rely on a vast quantity of information that must be managed and acted upon, On Demand -when it matters most.  Analytics derived from CX programs can and should be turned into action to drive desired organizational change.  

Working across a broad range of business segments - from client service to logistics and marketing - our analytic and qualitative approach to managing projects help companies find their own voice and create experiences most reflective of their brand and aspirations. 


One size does not fit all.  Our methodology will inevitably identify your unique value proposition, develop new leadership, but most importantly, help anchor new approaches into your company's culture.  


Corporate & Institutional

We serve a wide range of organizations and institutions and effectively deliver on:

Special Project Management

Customer Experience Programs

Community Affairs Projects and Initiatives

Corporate Philanthropy Programs & Initiatives

Corporate Foundation Management 

Annual Impact Reports

Corporate Volunteer Programs & Initiatives

Strategic Marketing Plans & Annual Plan Alignment 

Targeted Trainings:  Dynamics of Change in Organizations; Strategic Leadership Development; Leaders and Managers in Organizations; Conflict Resolution and Negotiation; Impact Driven Leadership

Child Learning Numbers at School


We collaborate and support impact driven nonprofit organizations, NGO's, humanitarian and international relief efforts and effectively deliver on:

Operations Management

Strategic Partnerships

Content Branding & Sustainability Platforms

Strategic Planning & Annual Plan Alignment

Targeted/Special Projects and Initiatives

Certifications & Accreditations 

Multi-Day Recognitions and Celebrations 

Board & Fund Development Training 

Grants & Accreditations

Foundation Management:  Due Diligence; Grant Application Programs; Progress & Reporting Systems; Impact Reports; Award Ceremonies

Capital Campaigns: Senior Campaign and Strategy Management; Feasibility Studies; Strategic Plans; Fund Development Plans and Implementation; Public Affairs Campaigns; Special Event Management (Groundbreakings; Commencement Ceremonies; Awards) 

Checking Blood Pressure

Health Care

Long Term Care

We serve Nursing Homes, Rehabilitative and Restorative Facilities and effectively deliver on:

MDS Compliance

Developing Quality Improvement & Evaluation Systems

Resident Centered Comprehensive Care Plans

PPS Assessments

OBRA Assessments

Audit/Mock Survey pre-State Annual Visits

MDS 3.0 Assessments

Medicare reimbursement and state filings/responses

Medical Schedules for all Medicare and Medicaid Residents

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